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I live on a farm and run a rescue kennels for Border Collies, we can have as many as fifty dogs in our care at any one time. I bought a Handi-scoop to try and save all the bending down to ‘pick up’ after I injured my back. We have several different play areas for our dogs so picking up can be on concrete, gravel, and grass. Our grass areas are not lawns and as well as uneven ground the grass is never very short. I wasn’t sure if the Handi-scoop would be able to cope with all those areas but have to say that it hasn’t let me down once. It has picked up everything from solid to messy and small piles to large ones. We can have a lot of clearing up to do in one session and this scoop deals with everything quickly and efficiently, it can carry up to three bags and the real bonus at the end of the day for us is that we don’t have a dirty messy scoop to soak and clean, the bags do it all for us. I am now going to purchase a short handled one for when I go out with my own dogs and the bending up and down and storing of bags full of poo while out on a walk will not be an issue any more. My first words after test running for half day were ‘why on earth did I not know about this sooner!

Barbara Sykes (Consultant in Canine Behaviour)



Dogs Today Magazine – Best for Taking on Walks!

The HandiScoop is a relative newcomer to the field, launching last September, and does exactly what it says on the packaging!. Available in two sizes and using a trigger to open and close the toothed head, it is incredibly easy to use, especially for the older owner or those with back problems. You can attach three bags to the head, which is large enough to hold three average-sized doggie droppings, before you have to remove the bag, all of which can be done while standing or sitting. A simple elasticated strap holds the head in the “closed” position, allowing you to store one stool and walk effortlessly to the next!

The HandiScoop is lightweight, good value and its simplicity makes it a winner. It cleverly eliminates the embarrassing scenario of trying to bend down, braced with a bag-on-hand while your dog is pulling you in all directions!

I would happily take this on walks with me; It really does take the drama out of poop-scooping on walks. Yes, it’s an extra thing to hold, but I’d pick the HandiScoop over three bags of poop any day.

National Hardware Show – The Handiscoop has the Pets Factor!

The Handiscoop, the world’s best pooper scooper, made its first public appearance this September at the Pet Index exhibition, part of the garden and leisure trade show GLEE at the NEC in Birmingham. During the two day event, garden centres and pet shops were among the audience when the Handiscoop stepped out into the limelight, selling itself to the onlookers with its portability, ease of use, and free merchandiser for traders. As such, pet owners across the world can now not only purchase the pet poop friendly tool from the website, but also their local garden centre or pet store!

And for the dog owner, well, it’s perfect for keeping in the garden or taking on a walk, as worrying about picking up after your dog becomes a thing of the past whilst caring for your pet becomes a far more pleasant experience. And shh, if you’re the designated dog walker, don’t tell anyone, as you can also use the Handiscoop with your poop scoop bags so you really don’t have to go anywhere near dog mess ever again – you just enjoy the walk with Lassie as well as the brownie points! Right then, walkies time!

Dogs Today