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  • There are 3 elastic bands attached to the scoop, place your bag over the open scoop and attach the handles of your poop bag under the band. There are 3 bands so you can attach 3 bags before using.

  • No HandiScoop comes in two different sizes. If you can bend so your hand is around knee height we recommend HandiScoop Easy Walk. If you have restricted mobility we recommend HandiScoop Easy Reach.

  • You can use any larger sized bags on the scoop. When the bag is on the scoop the opening of the jaws must not be restricted by the bag.

  • Preservation of the environment and the need for more and better recycling solutions are the core values of HandiPet Products Ltd. To reduce the plastic waste and encourage re-using we offer both photo-degradable poop carrier bags as well as world’s best HandiScoop pooper scoopers available in two different sizes. Our two pet products are designed to work in tandem to not only make the disposal of the poops easier, quicker and smarter but also significantly reduce the number of bags used. The HandiScoop can pick up to 4-5 poops per bag, while the ‘stick and flick’ technique in the countryside as advocated by the Forestry Commission can be employed to effortlessly re-use a single bag up to 100 times.

    For countryside walks we strongly recommend the shorter ‘EasyWalk’ HandiScoop. We are so passionate and confident about our products and recycling that we offer a no quibble money back 30 day trial for the 45cm EasyWalk HandiScoop purchased through our website. We can guarantee that You will never want to go back to picking up the poop the old-fashioned way.

    Our HandiBags are made of industry-leading photo-degradable High Density PolyEthylene (HDCP) with 1% DCP 125 additive. The poop bags have excellent physical properties making them easy, durable, safe and hygienic to use. The average shelf-life of the product is 18 months at 35°C; once disposed, the bags degrade within 24-36 months in the air under UV-B light and / or heat exposure.

    We are currently developing new plant-derived and fully compostable poop bags. Due to the higher costs of manufacturing the green bio-polymer bags will retail at a premium.